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Merav Levine

Well, what should you be posting on social media? ?
That is exactly what I help business owners figure out. ?
❗️I help business owners amplify their unique message and expertise on social media so they get in front of the right people. And, I’m pretty good at it, too. #marketingmerv

I help my clients:
?Determine what and when to post to LinkedIn and other social platforms
?Brand themselves an expert in their industry
?Identify their most important selling points and how to convey them to their target audience
?Build a consistent social strategy with all the graphics, images, and video
?Manage their social media accounts
?Stay current with online trends and best practices
?Build a strong audience of customers, partners and collab opportunities

By asking questions, no—by asking the right questions, I get to know your business from the inside out and learn what makes your businesses stand apart.

My goal is to contribute to the social media ecosystem in the most authentic and valuable way possible. You will not get fluff from me. Humor, creativity, and value, yes. Fluff, no.

Would you like to see what working together might look like?
Let’s chat! Send me a message!

Consulting —> Schedule weekly calls with me for tangible, hands-on strategy building
Full Service —> I do it all for you. Research, strategy, scheduling posts, copywriting, lead gen, monitoring + more

Let’s talk! —
✉️[email protected]

More about me:
I have 3+ years of experience as a digital marketer/content creator as a freelancer and in an agency setting. I’m excited to venture into entrepreneurship as of January 2020, a long-time dream of mine. As a fellow business owner, I fully understand the challenges business owners face on a daily bases.

After 5+ years of event planning in the non-profit space, I now use my marketing skills to help businesses grow their social media accounts and customer base. I am skilled in writing, graphic design, market research, photography, video creation, and social media management and marketing strategy.
I get businesses and I get customers.?

Let’s work together, I’d love to help your business, too. → [email protected]

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IG: https://www.instagram.com/merav.levine/

March 23, 2021
March 23, 2021