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Joel Lalgee

Current openings:
Estimator – Atlanta, South Florida, LA, Pacific Northwest
Superintendent Stucco – Atlanta
Estimator Project manager – Nationwide
If you know Drywall – Framing – Acoustical Ceilings – Stucco – EIFS – Let’s connect.
I have worked with some of the biggest subcontractors in the US.

Filling positions at all levels of the organization. From entry level to C-suite.

Using skilled messaging, emails and targeted phone calls. I track the best talent and then engage them in conversations.

I produce video content around recruiting each week with Tips on how to be a more effective recruiter.

I host a Linkedin Live show – The Headhunter Hideout – We feature high level recruiters and headhunter and engage in high quality conversation.

Skills: Head hunting – recruitment engagement strategy – connecting – sales – construction industry – content marketer – innovative problem solver – creative suit! –

Blogging – Brain storming – listener – Finance and accounting – conversation artist.

I love my wife and daughter over everything, they inspire me to push on and work hard!

Rachel and Evelyn Joy♥️

Both in name and personality, my closest friends and family would agree I am weird, fun, high energy and unique!

I’m not afraid to venture deep, cutting through small talk to get know those I communicate with.

Please follow, connect and reach out!
Personal cell (262) 358 0571

The journey is just starting but the destination is clear.

Happy to be you connection and resource!

March 23, 2021
March 23, 2021