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The business environment is more challenging than ever and taking care of your most valuable asset needs to be SEEN and not just a SAYING. People make businesses work. The cost to hire is at least $3,800 today so how is your business controlling that cost? How is that affecting your revenue? How are you defining your culture?

As a Benefits Advisor our agency provides solutions and strategies for this problem for ANY budget because small businesses can no longer compete for talent with only a paycheck. Mid to large can’t either! We become an extension or your whole outsourced human resources department. Our clients enjoy the fact that we give them personalized service for this while they save money on taxes.

Some of the strategies we use include ways for cost containment, worker’s comp reduction, defined contribution, inexpensive benefit packages, health care plan design, turnover triage, retention reviews, tax free retirement, and management carve outs.

Business owners wear a lot of hats so we’d like to help with 1!

How does your company deal with:

– Health Care compliance?
– Rising medical expenses (planned and unplanned)?
– Department of Labor risks
– Penalties for lack of coverage?
– Staying competitive with the best talent?
– Keeping a healthy and productive team?

Keep your prime talent longer and attract the best new candidates. Receive financial counseling for all of your employees without using company finances.

Our clients include small business owners, dentists, technicians, logistics, surgeons, schools, dermatologists, daycares, general doctors, restoration, plumbers, salons, roofers, restaurants, non profits and more.

Feel free to contact me about speaking opportunities related to my field. I am passionate about helping others in any way I am able.

Questions : (Cell) 702.580.4928 or [email protected]
[email protected]

Specialties: healthcare reform, Spanish, benefits enrolling, life insurance, public speaking, small business, and member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.

March 23, 2021