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Bob Sager

Most businesses aren’t as profitable as they could be. For many, sluggish sales, price competition or both are the norm.

I combine creative thinking processes with over three decades of experience to develop strategies that differentiate companies in the hearts and minds of patrons. This transforms customer perception from ‘meh’ to MUST-HAVE so they eagerly buy and revenues increase dramatically.

Are you ready to have the competition worry about you? Our strategies are the secret weapon that will make your business fun and profitable – and have everyone wondering how your business is always so innovative.

Go to www.spearpointonline.com to learn more and access three transformational strategies at no charge.

Want a free resource that will help you employ some of the innovative thinking that goes into developing better strategies? Ask me for a pdf copy of my guide to becoming more innovative, Seeing The Invisible So You Can Do The Impossible.

For more information, see My Media below for links to podcasts, webcasts and external articles featuring or written by me.

Finally, see articles I’ve published on this platform that feature briefs of strategies developed for Retail, Restaurants, Hotels, Charities, Financial Services/Insurance, Car Dealers, Realtors and more.

My latest book, 101 Freaking Brilliant Business Ideas: And Ten Ways YOU Can Create Your Own, may also help. It is now available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1795113723

March 23, 2021
March 23, 2021